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Geoff Wiltshire Gunsmithing

Keeping Your Gun On Target

About Us

Geoff Wiltshire has 39 years experience as a gunsmith and 30 years experience as a shooting instructor. The Wiltshire family have been in the gun trade for the last 51 years with Geoff gunsmithing along side his father Tony since the age of 14 and his sister Rosalie. 

All repairs are carried out by Geoff, in house, to a very high, classic English gunsmith standard. Once work has been completed all guns are taken away to the shooting ground at Somerley Estate and tested to ensure reliability and quality of craftsmanship. 

Work carried out by Geoff:

  • Gun fitting (to a pattern plate)
  • Shooting instruction.
  • English gun spring making and any other specialist handmade parts.
  • Re-blueing all trigger work i.e regulating.
  • Woodwork finish in oil or French polish and coloured to customer's choice.
  • After market parts in stronger materials for longer laster performance. i.e firing pins and any other specified parts.
  • General service and safety checks carried out for the game shooter from one season to another.
  • All air rifle repairs are carried out on spring operated guns to pre-charge.
  • We also have a selected stock of guns for sale and we will source guns upon request.
  • Specialist rifle work. i.e trigger regulating. 

Most repairs are valued before works commence. Customers will be contacted if any other faults are found on further inspection of weapon. 

If you wish to discuss any matters with Geoff regarding your specific requirements then please contact him via our online form or call him on 01425 474792 or 07954 341443. 


3 Keppel Close



BH24 1QJ


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 8PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed